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Phil Laughlin Custom Illustration

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"Illustration is art with a purpose!
Nothing fullfills this purpose better than the targeted and unique artwork
resulting from collaboration between illustrator and client."


My portfolio shows a wide range of work from simple line drawings to full color highly detailed product renderings, each one tailored to meet specific needs. I listen carefully to understand the requirements of each project and help you choose a custom illustration solution that will communicate effectively.


For 20 years, I have worked as a digital illustrator producing vector graphics. From my Vermont studio, I offer freelance services with a concentration on technical illustration of consumer products. Related subject specialties include large engineered systems, building construction, mechanicals, tools and equipment. 30 years in the graphic arts has provided me with a wealth of experience I can draw from to help direct your project towards the best possible outcome.

Why Illustration?

Illustration is one of the most powerful graphic communication tools at your disposal. It is capable of representing a wide variety of subjects and excels when you need to present information that goes beyond surface appearance.

Some good examples of the capabilities of illustration include this cutaway of an underground water system that has no vantage point for photography. Diagrams, like this back-hoe subject, simplify complex subjects. By it's highly selective nature, illustration can organize and make a clean presentation of a cluttered subject such as this aerial view of a hospital.

Portfolio Comments

Portfolio samples are organized around the language of design and marketing. Certain styles are closely allied with specific needs. Line art often apppears in parts manuals and instruction sheets. Realistic renderings are used in industrial design work and concept presentations when people are trying to visualize something that does not exist.

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Let's work together and find a unique solution to your communication needs.

Personal Work

Landscape painting: selections

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New England gamefish series: selected Fish Art