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Full Color Book Cover IllustrationCutaway view of military tentkitchen applianceLittleton regional hospitalUnderground contamination plume

Full Color Illustration

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Color illustration is my catch all category. It includes examples from advertising, sales presentations, publishing etc. that fulfill a variety of purposes. Though lacking the high degree of gloss found in Product Renderings they still contain lots of detail.

Color palettes as well as point of view are customized to make the most of each subject. The tent is colored army green to give it recognizability, the contamination plume is bright orange to make it shocking, etc. With the exception of the aerial hospital view, all are fictions, built in close co-operation with the client.

My skills at making pictures tell a story are some of the best assets of Phil Laughlin Studio.

full color book cover poultry

This color illustration was printed as a book cover. Whimsical art adds appeal to popular subject of raising small flocks of chickens in a city environment.