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Realistic Glossy Product Renderings

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rendering of microplate wash verify equipment

This section includes some of my favorites. Technical illustration all about product rendering, with it's high degree of finish. Two of these samples are industrial design concepts and the others represent existing products. Speaking as an illustrator, it's always an exciting art challenge to be asked to represent something with such a high degree of realism.

For this type of work, I make minimal use of stylistic devices such as outlines that might distract from the realism of the product. Always important, but to industrial design in particular, convincing rendering of surface properties is an asset to the team making design decisions. The strengths of illustration is put to good use in these examples.

Any artist can get the details right but Phil Laughlin Studio has the experience to give it the kind if refinements that bring good things to life.

Carefully balanced color in this realistic product rendering of a Washer-Verifier instrument distinguishes all the important components.