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About Phil Laughlin Studio

Illustration Services

My educational background includes a year of engineering studies. I am a logical thinker with strong conceptual skills and the ability to give visual form to ideas using various drawing projection systems. I help designers, retailers, service providers and manufacturers reach their sales and marketing goals by supplying them with eye-catching illustrations from my Vermont studio.

Illustration is an exciting field. It closely follows business and social trends. In recent years, many clients that approach me are concerned with energy efficiency. Others have innovative products made possible by advances in manufacturing and distribution technology. Thanks to the advent of the desktop computer, illustration integrates easily into the work flow. My work appears frequently as a prominent part of marketing efforts.

Education & Background

I was formally trained in the studio arts, painting and drawing. After college, I moved to New York City where I studied applied arts and began working as a graphic designer. The opportunities presented by the city, exposure to new ideas and high standards of artistic professionalism were key to my development as an illustrator.

In 1986, after many years working as a freelancer in NYC, my family and I moved to Vermont. A couple of short stints with local design firms and I moved on to build my own studio around the desktop computer technology that emerged in the 1990's.

Organization of portfolio

Organizing the large body of vector graphic illustration in a meaningful way can be an interesting challenge. Sometimes it's useful to group by technique. Often, people think in terms of application or subject. To be helpful and make use of established conventions the sidebar section titles use both. Since any given illustration can be described in terms of style, technique, subject or application the category assignments are based on common use, rather than any strict system.