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Work Process

Starting A New illustration project?

For illustration projects I can begin with almost anything: verbal descriptions, napkin doodles, engineering drawings, photos or product samples. If the project requires, I do rough concept sketches and/or detailed pencil studies as preliminaries. If not, I jump right into Adobe Illustrator with an occasional power assist from Photoshop.

steps in illustration process

Style and Composition

Phil Laughlin Studio uses many different techniques and projection systems. Which to use iis one of the first and most important decisions. Sometimes it's obvious but for more complex assignments it requires developmental sketches. Even for the simplest situation it's important to be aware of the choices and understand how they affect viewers.

Production Art

After drawings are approved, they are placed in a template layer in Adobe Illustrator. Many of the things I do today were possible in earlier versions but the interface is vastly improved. That coupled with a few new features such as the perspective grid enables me to use my art skills to the greatest advantage.

Unless otherwise requested, production art is supplied in Illustrator native format. As a final step, it is checked to be sure it fullfills the assignment and meets production requirements.


All work is custom. Prices are based on time required to complete the project. Determining factors are: quality of supplied material, complexity of assignment and degree of finish. Send me your project specifications and I will provide an estimate free of charge with no obligation.